How to purchase new domain names 

To purchase a new domain name, contact in the first instance to check that the name you require is available. For the purchase of any domain names an Internal Trade Order (ITO) will need to be raised to IT Services (Vendor 9022) prior to the purchase being made. 

Names ending, .com, .org (and variations of these)

These names can be purchased for as many years as you require, with a charge of £22 per year, per name to be registered.

Names ending .eu

These names can only be purchased for one year at a time, with a charge of £22 per year, per name to be registered.

Names ending

These names are free and requests can be sent to (They are not intended for cPanel accounts, which already have addresses ending in

Names ending in

For these names, a business case needs to be put forward with the following details:

  • Domain name requested
  • Organisation (the name of the proposed domain owner organisation). 
  • The project, initiative or organisation for which the name is being registered.
  • Information about your request, detailing precisley how the requested name meets the eligibiliy criteria within the domain.The information provided should include details of funding, the primary objectives and status of the requesting organisation as well as the level of courses provided, or in the case of projects, the longevity of confirmed funding.

A cost of £96 will be charged, however the name will be purchased outright. If you no longer need the name, please let us know and we can arrange to have it released.

Any other names

For any other type of name, please contact we will check availability and cost for you.