Student Returns & uReports

The Student Returns and uReports office provide expertise and guidance to the University in using corporate programme and student data. Between them they ensure that this data is of a high quality for use both internally and externally for reporting.

These sections lead on ensuring the completeness of the central student record, supplying guidance on the impact of new institutional procedures and practices upon data quality and reporting. In the preparation of all individualised student record returns, they work with professional service colleagues in ensuring the corporate data can be interpreted and transformed into formats needed for specific purposes.

HESA Returns & Data Quality

Statutory Returns
  • Student HESA Return
  • Off Shore Aggregate Return (HESA)
  • KIS (HESA/HEFCE/Unistats)
  • ITT Return (in conjunction with SPG)
  • Careers April Survey Population (DLHE)
  • NSS - data preparation and supply to IPSOS
  • Student Income and Expenditure Survey
Liaison with Professional Services
  • Disability and Dyslexia Office
  • Specific data quality checks in preparation for HESES
  • Data quality monitoring across all student services and programme structures
CIS Configuration - Data Administration
  • Roll forward of registration records
  • CIS reference data - attainments
  • Responsibility for the Student Records Archive
Business Analysis
  • Data extraction requirements, logic rules for statutory returns
  • Guidance and support to non-standard provision

uReports Support

Configuration of the uReports Service
  • Data modelling linking the CDM to IBM Cognos
  • Coordination of data specialists within professional services who supply corporate reports from the CDM
  • Updating of published reports and uReports Catalogue maintenance
Training and Support
  • Training in uReports authoring (IBM Cognos Report Studio)
  • Support to authors & users
Teaching Quality Report Set
  • Data transformation and updating of central teaching quality reports
  • Sensibility and completeness checks of specialist datasets
  • The Teaching Quality Report Set web pages
Authoring for Corporate Initiatives
  • Creation of special reports for PSRB's, eg Nursing, Architecture etc.