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LectureAll of the information you need to know for the Encore system can be found on this page. Policy information, opt-out information, recording request information
and Encore Reports are all on this page.

As a department administrator you will need to know about the Encore system, where to point staff and students for support and guides when using the system
as well as what the current known issues are and what to suggest to your staff members as a resolution. On these pages you will be able to find all of the essential information you need to know about copyright guidelines, the lecture capture policy, how the room works and what your staff members need to do in the room as well as how to support your students when using Encore.

Encore Meet-ups: The Encore Meet-ups were created to allow departmental technicians and administrators to get together and share good practice, gain knowledge about the Encore system and learn new ways of using the technology for teaching and learning.
Please sign up to the Google Group for the Encore Meet-ups to not miss out on any meetings or important updates.

Information for Departments

Important Information

What is Encore?

Encore is the University of Sheffield's lecture capture solution that is now installed in over 120 teaching spaces across the University of Sheffield campus. Encore records the in room audio via the microphones in the room as well as the visual input that is displayed through the projector in the room. This is then processed and published online for the students to revisit and revise.

Encore recordings are scheduled automatically if they are for a teaching event. This is done by a script picking up information from the Room bookings system and scheduling the recordings into Encore. The script looks for a module code being attached to the booking, an instructor, whether the booking is in an Encore enabled room and if it has a record or a do not record flag.

If an event is an non teaching event it will need to be requested to be recorded via the booking form. The Encore team then manually schedule these events.

How do we support our staff and students with Encore?

The Encore team have created a range of help guides for both staff and students within the university and those can be found on the Staff and Student webpages within the Encore webpages.

The Encore team also offer training and support for staff and students to introduce the system to individuals who have never used it before as well as building the confidence of the users with the system to ensure they are using it correctly and gaining as much as they can from the system.

What does the device light mean?

The device light is found in all Encore enabled rooms to indicate to the user what state the system is in. Below is a table to explain what each colour of the device light means.

Encore Information

Does anything need to happen when staff and students enter the room for an Encore recording?

When you enter an Encore enabled space we have set-up the equipment to make it as seamless and easy as possible for our users. You simply turn up, plug in your device or turn on the desktop PC, turn on the projectors and teach. The Encore recording will happen automatically from the start of your session, so if you are booked into a room from 11am-12pm the Encore recording will start at 11am and finish at 12pm.

The only room across all Encore enabled rooms that require you to turn on a microphone is;
> Students Union Auditorium

All other Encore enabled rooms have boundary microphones that start recording when the Encore recording starts and stops when then Encore recording stops. This means that you can enter a room and not think about anything that you wouldn't normally do and teach as normal. The boundary microphones DO NOT feed into the speaker system in the rooms, however, they only feed into the audio for the Encore recording, they do not feed into the in room speaker system. If you would like your voice to be amplified via the speakers in the teaching space, you will need to turn on the lapel or podium microphone.

Can you check if a teaching event is due to be recorded?

You can easily check if a teaching event is due to be recorded by using the below link. You simply change the date range and add in the module code for the teaching event and it will display a list of teaching events set to record.

Check your session

How to Support Encore Circle of hexagons showing icons for students use of encoreThe university is introducing an institutional wide campaign, that will run each year, to support students in their use of lecture capture. It is being introduced to ensure the university helps students understand that lecture captures are a supplement, there to help them get to grips with what has been covered in live sessions. In a focus group meeting, students clearly indicated that they did not know how to use captures effectively, and would welcome such support.

The campaign is based around a lecture capture guide, written as part of a collaborative piece of work across by staff from a number of institutions, including Sheffield (1). This guide forms the framework for a number of activities within the campaign.
These activities span academic departments and professional services, ensuring a joined up approach to supporting students.
As part of the campaign, we are asking that departments implement a number of basic action points. Information on what is needed can be found here: 

1. Nordmann, E., Kuepper-Tezel, C.E., Robson, L., Phillipson, S., Lipan, G. and Mcgeorge, P. (2018). Lecture capture: Practical recommendations for students and lecturers. Pre-publication.
Article Downloadable Resources

Policy & Copyright Information

Lecture Capture Policy

The University of Sheffield has an up-to-date Lecture Capture policy to go alongside the implementation of the system across the campus. The policy was created by the implementation group here at the university and below you will find the link to he document.

Here you can read the lecture capture policy for the University of Sheffield. If you need any further help and support in relation to the policy guidelines please do get in contact with the Encore team at and we will be happy to help.

Policy Document

Copyright Guidelines

Introducing Encore across the university came with some requirements we had to meet prior to rolling out the service and one of those requirements was clear and concise guidelines for copyright guidelines and what should be considered prior to recording your teaching sessions with the Encore service.

Copyright is at the forefront of all planning and implementation when it comes to the lecture capture service being rolled out and below you will find the guidelines for copyright from the university.

If you have any further questions or require any further explanation please do contact and the team will be happy to help.

Copyright Guidelines


Opt-out Guidelines

Lecture capture has been introduced across the university campus, however, as a team we are aware that not all taught sessions are suitable to be recorded via the Encore system and so we have created an example opt-out form.

We have given the responsibility of approving or rejecting Encore opt-out requests to the departments rather than handling requests centrally.

To do this, the department needs to download the opt-out form, edit it to suit your department requirements and approve or deny the opt-out requests that come through from their staff members.

The departmental contact then needs to alert their Room Bookings team who will add a Do Not Record flag into that individuals room bookings so that they do not get captured by Encore.

This process is departmentally managed and not managed by the Central Encore Team.

If you would like to use this form in your department please follow the instructions below, or alternatively contact the lecture capture team via the CICS Helpdesk and one the team will be in touch to help you set a form up.

Creating your opt-out form

1) Create a new form From a Template as shown below


2) Choose the Template lecture Capture Opt Out Form and tailor this for your department.

Encore Reports


Encore Report for 2017/18 Academic Year

The Encore service has just completed its first academic year as a fully opt-out service which means tutors have to now opt-out of being recorded for their teaching events if needed. We have created a report to show the success of the past academic year, highlight the current reasons for tutors opting out of recordings, show how we will work to develop the service, and what the students think to the service and how they use it.

These are all important parts of reporting on the service and you can find all of the information you need to know in the below link to the document.

If you have any further queries or need any further clarification please contact the Encore Team at

Full Encore Report 2017/18

Encore Report for the 2018/19 Academic Year

As we come to the end of our second year of a fully opt-out service it is time to reflect on the past academic year with Encore lecture capture for staff and students. The below report shows you a variety of information around the use of the Encore lecture capture service, how many recordings have taken place per department, the average time users view the recordings for, as well as showing you the use of the active learning platform per department.

Please do take the time to look into your departmental specific data and contact the Encore team on if you require any further explanation about any of the data.

Full Encore Report 2018/19

Encore Enabled Rooms

Enabled Rooms

Here is a full list of all Encore enabled rooms found across the University of Sheffield Campus. This list is kept up-to-date as we add more rooms, so ensure you check this list for all current Encore enabled rooms.

Enabled Rooms List

38 Mappin Street

38MS-Workroom 3 (106)
38MS-Workroom 4 (107)
38MS-Workroom 1 (B02)
38MS- Workroom 2 (G11)

9 Mappin Street




Alfred Denny Building

ADB-LT01 (A307)
ADB-LT02 (A304)

Arts Tower


Barber House Annex


Bartolome House


Broad Lane

BROAD-LT06 (F116)
BROAD-LT07 (F120)
BROAD-LT10 (F133)
BROAD-LT11 (F135)

Cathedral Court


Dainton Building


Dental School

DS-LT01 (B25)
DS-SR01 (B35)
DS-SR02 (B31)

The Diamond

DIA-LT01 (A01)
DIA-LT02 (A02)
DIA-LT03 (A06)
DIA-LT04 (A07)
DIA-LT05 (A08)
DIA-LT06 (A10)
DIA-LT07 (A11)
DIA-LT08 (C12)
DIA-LT09 (D08)
DIA-WR1 (G04)
DIA-WR2 (G05)
DIA-WR3 (205)

Elmfield Building


Firth Court

FC-F02 (David Rice Lecture Theatre)

Geography Building


Hadfield Building

HB-LT20 (G55)
HB-LT21 (E07)
HB-LT22 (E11)

Hicks Building

HI-LT01 (B06)
HI-LT02 (B08)
HI-LT03 (D10)
HI-LT04 (D12)
HI-LT05 (E07)
HI-LT06 (E11)
HI-LT07 (E12)
HI-LT09 (H05)
HI-LT10 (H10)
HI-LT11 (H20)
HI-LTA (B17)
HI-LTB (C40)
HI-LTC (C44)
HI-LTD (D64)
HI-LTE (E55)

ICOSS Building


Jessop Building

JB- Ensemble Room 1 -G03
JB- Ensemble Room 2 - G04

Medical School

HH-LT01 (B07)
HH-LT02 (B08)
HH-LT03 (FU43)
HH-SR01 (B09)
HH-SR02 (B10)
HH-SR03 (B11)
HH-SR04 (B12)
HH-SR05 (B15a)
HH-SR06 (B18a)
HH-SR07 (B15a)
HH-SR08 (C13)
HH-SR09 (C14)
HH-SR10 (C15)

Pam Liversidge Building

PLB-LT01 (A11)
PLB-LT02 (A14)

Portobello Centre


Regent's Court


Richard Robert's Building


Sheffield University Management School

SUMS-LT01 - (Fretwell Downing) (B015)
SUMS-LT02 (B005)
SUMS-LT03 (Lowe Memorial) (C002)

Stephenson Building

SB-LT01 (107)
SB-LT02 (120)

St George's Church


Student's Union


If there are any rooms that are not currently Encore enabled that you believe should be please get in contact with the Encore team via the IT Service Desk:

Phone: 0114 222 1111

If there are any rooms that are not currently Encore enabled that you believe should be please get in contact with the Encore team via the CICS Helpdesk.