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On this page you will find all of the information you need as a staff member who works closely with the Encore system. You will find training packages, case studies, policy guidelines and student feedback for the Encore system.

The Encore lecture capture system is now installed into over 120 teaching spaces across the University of Sheffield campus. In the 2018/19 academic year, 89% of the lectures were captured. 

Students throughout the university have praised the system and let it be known that the Encore service has helped them throughout their studies and enhanced their revision techniques throughout their academic career.

We are adding more Encore enabled rooms over the next academic year so please keep an eye on the Encore enabled rooms list to ensure you know what rooms are enabled so you can record as many of your sessions as possible.

Essential Information

How to Use

Staff Help Guides

This page houses a range of help guides for staff members at the University of Sheffield to learn more about the Encore lecture capture service.

Below you will find a link to a range of resources available to you to walk you through; how to share content, how to edit Encore recordings, how to download and use Universal capture, how to add interactive polling slides into your presentations within the Encore system, and more. Please click the link below to access the written and screencast guides.

Staff Help Guides

Please note: this link will pull you into Encore as a student. Please test any information from these guides in your via your Blackboard module site. You do this by accessing one of your modules in Blackboard and clicking on the Encore tool link on the left hand menu of the site.
OR by logging into Encore via MUSE > My Services > View all Services > E for Encore.

If you require any further assitance please get in contact with the IT Service Desk and they will direct your call: (0114 222 1111)

Supporting Students

Circle of hexagons showing icons for students use of encoreThe university is introducing an institutional wide campaign, that will run each year, to support students in their use of lecture capture. It is being introduced to ensure the university helps students understand that lecture captures are a supplement, there to help them get to grips with what has been covered in live sessions. In a focus group meeting, students clearly indicated that they did not know how to use captures effectively, and would welcome such support.
The campaign is based around a lecture capture guide, written as part of a collaborative piece of work across by staff from a number of institutions, including Sheffield (1). This guide forms the framework for a number of activities within the campaign.
These activities span academic departments and professional services, ensuring a joined up approach to supporting students.
As part of the campaign, we are asking that departments implement a number of basic action points, and you can see what we are asking your department to do here: (link). Your department will be implementing the action points in due course, but we encourage you to access the information and implement the action points in your own teaching.

Nordmann, E., Kuepper-Tezel, C.E., Robson, L., Phillipson, S., Lipan, G. and Mcgeorge, P. (2018). Lecture capture: Practical recommendations for students and lecturers. Pre-publication.
Article     Downloadable Resources


Staff FAQs

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions we get as a team from staff members throughout the university.

If the answer to your query is not in the list below please follow this link to contact the IT Service Desk.

What is Encore?


Encore is the Lecture Capture solution that the University of Sheffield has adopted. Encore records the visual input that is shown through the projector in the room and captures the audio from the microphones that are in the room.

Most of the Encore enabled rooms across campus have an Encore device light installed in the room. This light can be BLANK/OFF, RED, FLASHING AMBER and SOLID AMBER. For more information on the device light please see the below FAQ.

We now have over 120 rooms across the University of Sheffield campus that are Encore enabled, please keep an eye on the Encore Enabled Room's list as we are adding more rooms and this list is kept up to date for you. Some rooms that are enabled are not pool teaching spaces, so please check with your departmental room bookings team to see if you are eligible to use the space.

What is the device light?

The device light is found in all Encore enabled rooms to indicate to the user what state the system is in. Below is a table to explain what each colour of the device light means.

Encore Information

What is recorded?

What is actually recorded by Encore?

The Encore system records the visual input that is shown through the projector (laptop, visualizer & desktop PC), and it records the audio in the room through the microphones provided.

What do I need to do in the room?

Room Preparation:

When you enter an Encore enabled space we have set-up the equipment to make it as seamless and easy as possible for our users. You simply turn up, plug in your device or turn on the desktop PC, turn on the projectors and teach. The Encore recording will happen automatically from the start of your session, so if you are booked into a room from 11am-12pm the Encore recording will start at 11am and finish at 12pm.

The only room across all Encore enabled rooms that require you to turn on a microphone is;
> Students Union Auditorium

All other Encore enabled rooms have boundary microphones that start recording when the Encore recording starts and stops when then Encore recording stops. This means that you can enter a room and not think about anything that you wouldn't normally do and teach as normal. The boundary microphones DO NOT feed into the speaker system in the rooms, they are there for the Encore audio and do not amplify your voice via the in room speaker system. If you would like your voice projected through the in room speaker system you will need to turn on a microphone available in the room.

Please Note: Using an in room microphone as well as the boundary microphone will not have a negative affect the audio on the Encore recording.

Can I record with Encore from my home or office?

Universal Capture

If you are away from campus and would like to record a session for your students you can do this from your home or office as required. The Universal capture software allows you to download and use the Encore system on your own personal Windows or Mac laptop device. You can publish recordings captured on Universal Capture straight into your courses in the Encore system too for seamless recording and sharing of teaching materials to your students.

Please follow the guide below for downloading, setting up and using the Universal Capture system. If you experience any issues please email the Encore Team at

How do I access the recordings?

Where do your recordings go?

Once your recording has finished capturing in Encore it will then process the recording and it should be available online for you within the same length of time as the recording e.g. if your recording was an hour long it should be available online within an hour after it has completed. At peak times this time frame may differ slightly, however, it will be available within 24 hours of the recording being completed.

If you are the owner of the recording you will receive an email once the recording is available for you to view. You can click the link in the email from Echo360 and this will take you to your recording.

You will be able to access all recordings that belong to you in your 'My Content' tab from the Encore homepage. Once you have logged into your Encore account on the left hand side of the screen you will see four options; Courses, All Content, My Content & Shared With Me.  If you click 'My Content' this will show you all of the recordings and presentations you have available in Encore that belong to you. You will also be able to access any recordings or presentations that have been shared with you by clicking 'Shared With Me' on the left hand menu of the homepage, and you can see all content linked to you by clicking on 'All Content', this will show your own recordings, presentations and shared recordings and presentations in one area.

How do students access recordings?

How do students access Encore?

In the first instance students will access Encore recordings through the Encore Lecture Capture link in the Blackboard (MOLE) site the recordings correspond to. If the students have not accessed the Encore link in Blackboard (MOLE) they will not be able to login to Encore manually, as they will not have an account activated, the students clicking the link in Blackboard (MOLE) is in turn activating their Encore account.

Please Encore ALL of your students access the Encore link in Blackboard (MOLE) as quickly as possible.

How are recordings scheduled?

Teaching Events:

If your event is a module teaching event your recordings can be scheduled automatically through the CMIS Room Bookings system. If your room booking for the event has a module code attached to it and it is in an Encore enabled room it will automatically be picked up by the Encore system to be recorded UNLESS you have asked your Room Bookings team to add a 'Do Not Record' flag to the room booking.

Non Teaching Events:

If you event is a non-teaching event such as a conference, meeting, training session and so on you can request a recording via the Booking Request Form.

If you are booking with this form please allow 7 WORKING DAYS for your request to be processed. If it is a busy time of year we may take longer to get to your email than usual and so the 7 days are in place to ensure we have time to process ALL requests.

How will I know if my teaching event is being recorded?

If you have set-up your teaching events in CMIS and are set as teaching events, in an Encore enabled space, and do not have the 'Do Not Record' flag added, they should be picked up by the Encore script and be recorded.

For peace of mind, you can use the below link to double check that your session will be captured by Encore. You simply change the date to the date of your teaching event and add in your module code and it will show you a list of the scheduled recordings for that module code on a specific date, or within a range of dates.

Check your Recordings

Where do students access help and support?

Student Support:

Students can access help and support on the student webpages that are listed on the homepage of the Encore webpages.

There are help guides, previous case studies, FAQs we receive from students as well as information on how to contact the Encore team if they encounter any issues when using the system.

How do I edit the recordings?

Editing the Recordings

Within Encore you can edit the recordings you have captured if needed. Some like to edit the first couple of minutes or last couple of minutes out as they tend to be students entering the room or even students chatting at the end of the session.

If you would like to edit your recordings below is a help guide to walk you through the editing window in Encore.

How long are

the recordings available for?

Recording Availability

Encore recordings once they have been completed will not be kept on the Encore server for longer than 2 academic years after they have completed, unless you manually download and keep the MP4 files for the recordings and re-upload them to your library. As an institution the decision was made to record the session, archive it at the start of the next academic year and delete it at the start of the second academic year.

If you are the owner of the recording you can download and keep the MP4 files of the recordings, if you are not the owner you will need to ask the owner of the recording for permission to keep a copy of their recording.

Who can delete or un-publish recordings from Blackboard (MOLE)?

Deleting & Un-publishing Recordings

If you are the owner of the recording in Encore and would like to either remove or un-publish a recording from Blackboard (MOLE) then you do have the ability to do so.

Instructors who are enrolled onto the course in Encore have the ability to un-publish recordings from Blackboard (MOLE), but only the owner has the ability to delete the Encore recording.

Can students download Encore recordings from Blackboard (MOLE)?

Student downloads of Encore recordings is turned off by default for the institution so students are unable to download Encore recordings.

Students can download the Echo360 app and download Encore recordings to watch offline, however, that is simply downloading the recording within the app rather than downloading the recording onto their device.

Can I share Encore recordings if needed?

If you are the owner of the Encore recording (it will display in your 'My Content' area if you are) you are able to share the recording.

You can share to an individual, create a link or embed code or share to a course in Encore if you are an instructor on that course.

Please follow the below help guide to learn how:

Case Studies

Lecture Capture Case Studies

Policy & Further Information

Further Information

The University of Sheffield has in place an opt-out policy, this means if a staff member or department does not want their taught sessions to be captured by the Encore Lecture Capture System they will need to complete an opt-out form from their department.

All of the information on the policy, copyright guidelines and opting out of being recorded can be found below.

Lecture Capture Policy

There is a policy for the implementation of the Lecture Capture system within the University of Sheffield that is linked below.

If you need any further clarification or have any questions about the Lecture Capture Policy please contact the IT Service Desk.

Lecture Capture Policy June 2018

Copyright Guidelines

Copyright is a key aspect to the implementation of the lecture capture system at the University of Sheffield and we do have copyright guidelines to ensure that our staff members do not breach any copyright guidelines whilst using the lecture capture system.

If you need any further clarification or have any questions about the copyright guidelines please contact the IT Service Desk.

Copyright Guidance

Opting Out of Recordings

The University of Sheffield does have an opt-out process in place for any staff members who wish to not be recorded by the Encore system for their teaching sessions.

Each department manages this rather than it being managed centrally, each department has an opt-out form that they will send you. You then fill in this form and the opt-out request will either get approved or denied by your Department.

Once you have opted out of being captured, your room bookings team should be alerted so they can add a 'Do Not Record' flag to all of your room bookings so that you do not get captured by the Encore system.

Guidance for departments

Encore Enabled Rooms

Encore Enabled Rooms

We now have over 120 rooms across the University of Sheffield campus that are Encore enabled. This list is kept up-to-date with all of the rooms that are equipped so you can check the room you are teaching in prior to booking it if you would like to have your sessions captured. Some rooms in this list are Encore enabled, however, not all are pool teaching spaces. Please check this list and ask your Room Bookings team to see if the room is a pool teaching space.

Enabled Rooms List

38 Mappin Street

> 38MS Workroom 1 (B02)
> 38MS Workroom 2 (G11)
> 38MS Workroom 3 (106)
> 38MS Workroom 4 (107)

9 Mappin Street

> 9MS-G14


> AMRC-11
> AMRC-14
> AMRC-15

Alfred Denny Building

> ADB Computer Room (A04)
> ADB-LT01 (A307)
> ADB-LT02 (A304)

Arts Tower

> AT-LT01
> AT-LT02
> AT-LT03
> AT-LT04
> AT-LT05
> AT-LT06
> AT-LT07
> AT-LT08
> AT-LT09
> AT-SR13.19

Barber House Annex

> BHA-A19

Bartolome House

> BA-ALG04
> BA-BB15a
> BA-DB07
> BA-DB13
> BA-EG03
> BA-AG03

Broad Lane

> BROAD-F110
> BROAD-LT06 (F116)
> BROAD-LT07 (F120)
> BROAD-LT08 (F125)
> BROAD-LT09 (F128)
> BROAD-LT10 (F133)
> BROAD-LT11 (F135)

Cathedral Court > CC-D06
Dainton Building > DB-LT01
Dental School > DS-LT01 (B25)
> DS-SR01 (B35)
> DS-SR02 (B31)
The Diamond

> COMP1 (201)
> COMP2 (208)
> COMP3 (207)
> COMP4 (206)
> DIA-LT01 (A01)
> DIA-LT02 (A02)
> DIA-LT03 (A06)
> DIA-LT04 (A07)
> DIA-LT05 (A08)
> DIA-LT06 (A10)
> DIA-LT07 (A11)
> DIA-LT08 (C12)
> DIA-LT09 (D08)
> DIA-WR1 (G04)
> DIA-WR2 (G05)
> DIA-WR3 (205)

Elmfield Buiding > EF-LT01 (118)
Firth Court > FC-F02 (David Rice Lecture Theatre)
> FC-FG02
Geography Building > GB-B08
> GB-C03
Hadfield Building > HB-LT20 (G55)
> HB-LT21 (E07)
> HB-LT22 (E11)
Hicks Building > HI-F20
> HI-F24
> HI-F28
> HI-F38
> HI-F41
> HI-K14
> HI-LT01 (B06)
> HI-LT02 (B08)
> HI-LT03 (D10)
> HI-LT04 (D12)
> HI-LT05 (E07)
> HI-LT06 (E11)
> HI-LT07 (E12)
> HI-LT09 (H05)
> HI-LT10 (H10)
> HI-LT11 (H20)
> HI-LTA (B17)
> HI-LTB (C40)
> HI-LTC (C44)
> HI-LTD (D64)
> HI-LTE (E55)
Jessop Building > JB- Ensemble Room 1 - G03
> JB- Ensemble Room 2 - G04
Medical School

> HH-LT01 (B07)
> HH-LT02 (B08)
> HH-LT03 (FU43)
> HH-SR01 (B09)
> HH-SR02 (B10)
> HH-SR03 (B11)
> HH-SR04 (B12)
> HH-SR05 (B15a)
> HH-SR06 (B18a)
> HH-SR07 (B15b)
> HH-SR08 (C13)
> HH-SR09 (C14)
> HH-SR10 (C15)

Pam Liversidge Building > PLB-D05
> PLB-E05
> PLB-LT01 (A11)
> PLB-LT02 (A14)
Portobello Centre > PC-B51
> PC-B57b
> PC-B57c
> PC-C02
> PC-C29
Regent's Court > RC-204
> RC-205
> RC-2040_A
> RC-2040_B
Richard Roberts Building > RRB-A87
> RRB-B79
> RRB-B81
> RRB Auditorium (B74)
Sheffield University Management School > SUMS-LT01 (Fretwell Downing) (B015)
> SUMS-LT02 (B005)
> SUMS-LT03 (Lowe Memorial) (C002)
Stephenson Building > SB-LT01 (107)
> SB-LT02 (120)
St George's Church >SG_CHURCH
Student's Union > SU-AUD

Please contact IT Service Desk if there are any rooms that are not Encore enabled that you feel should be so we can work towards equipping those rooms.

Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers Guidelines

What do we do when guest speakers deliver sessions?

When an external speaker delivers a teaching session it is important to obtain consent if you intend to record the event. Fill out the Guest Speaker form (PDF), a copy should be retained by the department. If a session is being delivered by a guest speaker then this can also be a reason for Opting Out.

Can we make recordings available for external purposes, e.g. a conference?

Recordings can be shared externally as long as you are the owner. Public links can be created to share directly on external facing websites or the original files can be downloaded and shared on outward facing platforms such a iTunesU.

Will I be able to record open day presentations or events?

One off events can still be recorded but you will need to check that the room in enabled and then fill out the booking form. It is important to make the audience aware that the event is recorded and gain consent from guest speakers ahead of time.

Known Issues

Important Information

We work hard to ensure the Encore service works for our customers, however, on occasion there are some issues that take a little longer to fix and they are listed below.

If you have any further questions on any known issues listed below or need to report a fault please do this as soon as possible by contacting the IT Service Desk.

Known Issues

Diamond Lecture Theatre Dual Screens

An issue that can affect Lecture Theatres in the Diamond where dual screen recordings show a duplicate of one projector rather than both

This issue only occurs if the left projector feed is chosen last, to avoid this issue ensure that you select the left-hand source first and then the right-hand source when using Dual screen. 

If you need to change the source of the left hand projector, ensure you re-select the right hand source again.

Diamond Lecture Theatre 9 Dual Screen

There is an issue which prevents the second screen being captured whilst using the dual screen option in Diamond LT09. Due to the setup of the room this issue cannot be fixed.

To increase the chances of your session being recorded, please make sure that you use the Single Screen option.