Updates and Releases

On this pages you will be able to find all of the newest updates and releases for the Encore service here at the University of Sheffield.

We will provide and over-view of the update as well as any help and support materials you may need to get you up to speed on how the new tools work and how they fit into your learning and teaching practice.

Please contact encorehelp@sheffield.ac.uk if you need any further help and support.

August 2019: Encore Help Stickers in Teaching Spaces

Over the summer of 2019 the Encore team are adding help and support stickers into all Encore enabled teaching spaces. These stickers will inform the room user about what each stage of the Encore device light means, as well as how to pause and resume their Encore capture.

The Encore team are also adding in stickers around the boundary microphones to highlight their position on the podium for the room user.

There will also be 'Encore Enabled Room' stickers added to all rooms that have a 'room information' poster included in the space to highlight to all users of the space that the room is equipped with Encore.

August 2019: Encore Device Light Update

Over the summer of 2019 the Encore team are updating the Encore device lights installed into teaching spaces to remove the green light function.

After this work has been completed the updated Encore device light stages will mean;

BLANK - the Encore system is idle and not recording anything

SOLID AMBER - this means the Encore system is in pre-roll, this stage happens 5 minutes before a recording is about to take place ONLY if there was not a scheduled recording in the room prior to the next recording taking place

RED - this means the Encore device light is recording the audio and visual input in the teaching room

FLASHING AMBER - this means the Encore device is paused and therefore not recording any audio or visual inputs

We are also adding stickers into teaching spaces for the Encore device light to explain the differing light stages, as well as adding stickers around the boundary microphones in teaching spaces.

This work will be completed before the start of the 2019/20 academic year.

May 2019: Video Views Heat Map!

Video Views Heat Map Analytics

A new update on Echo360 (Encore) this week is the return of the heat map to track the video views of your students and where in an Encore recording the views are concentrated. This provides you with rich information on any topics students may be struggling with so you can easily see where you may need to recap with your students if a large number are focusing on one aspect of the Encore recording.

Below is a short guide to show you how to locate this data.

May 2019: Echo360 Universal Capture: Personal

Echo360 Universal Capture: Personal

Echo360 Universal Capture: Personal, is now available to download from the software centre on both Staff and lecture theatre managed desktop PCs.

Please note: You must wait until the capture has completed the upload at the end of your recording. If the application has been closed before the upload is complete, the chances of your recording being available next time is all but zero. This is because all local files created are removed when restarting the PC.

This only applies to Echo360 Universal Capture: Personal on university managed desktop PCs

Below is a help guide which walks you through using the Echo360 Universal Capture: Personal

April 2019: Mash-up tool in MOLE

Encore Mash-up Tool

There is a new feature available in MOLE which enables you to embed Encore recordings into content areas on your site rather than being restricted to the left hand menu Encore tool link.

This new feature arrived after the MOLE upgrade and allows you to embed recordings from any academic year, which means if you have any modules that run over two academic years all of the recordings can easily be embedded for students.

You will need to be the owner of the recording to embed them via the Encore tool link. If you are not and need to be, contact the Encore Team for assistance.

Below is a help guide which walks you through using the Encore Mash-up Tool in MOLE.

April 2019: New Learner Analytics

Learner Analytics

Within the past week the learner analytics available in Encore courses for instructors have been updated to include more easily digestible information, more detailed analytics for your learners, as well as enabling you to absorb the information at a glance on the landing page for each of your classes that have happened thus far in a semester.

Below is a help guide to talk you through the new and improved learner analytics in Encore.