Windows firewall

You access the Windows Firewall properties:

  1. From the Start menu, click Control Panel
  2. Click Security Centre (or the Network and Internet Connections group if using Category view)

Windows Firewall:

  • is on by default when the Service Pack is installed – we recommends you leave it on. In the Security Centre the Firewall configuration indicator will be green.
  • blocks 'unsolicited' network traffic, which may be harmful to your computer.
  • may interfere with the correct operation of certain programs. If this happens you can grant an exception to the program and allow it to operate. See Windows firewall exceptions.

Third party firewall

It Services only support the use of the Windows Firewall. We can't provide support for third party firewalls and if you use one it will affect the level of support we can give for your PC.

If you have valid reasons to use a third-party firewall, you should switch the Windows Firewall off. If the Security Centre cannot monitor the third party firewall you can disable monitoring.