Anonymous FTP

The University of Sheffield has an anonymous FTP server, which makes it easy for University members and non-members to share and transfer large files.

There is also a group facility that allows groups to share files securely.

Uploading a File

To upload a file onto the anonymous FTP server:

  1. start any FTP client
  2. open a connection to:
  3. use the username: anonymous
  4. use your email address as the password
  5. when you have connected, open the folder called incoming
  6. transfer (copy or drag) your file

Even after you have transferred the file, you will not be able to see it.

To complete the process send an email message to the FTP administrator, explaining that you have uploaded a file for anonymous FTP, and specifying how long the files needs to remain in place.

email :

After a short delay the administrator will move the file into a visible folder and your colleagues will be able to access it. The administrator undertakes FTP duties once a day so you should allow plenty of time for this process.

You should be aware that anyone could potentially access your files whilst they are in the anonymous FTP section.

Downloading a File

To access and download a file that has been uploaded and then activated by the administrator, start your web browser and go to the address:

You will have access to all the uploaded files.