Group FTP

Group FTP enables groups to share and exchange large files in a secure manner. It is particularly useful for the exchange of large files that are too big for email. Groups must be led by a member of Sheffield University, but may contain non-University members.

Any department, research group or project at the University may appoint an FTP Manager.

The manager must register with the FTP Administrator by contacting: 

email :

The manager will be given a username and a password. The security of the password, and the contents of the directory allocated, is the responsibility of the manager.

When the manager changes, notice must be given to the FTP Administrator who will disable the account until the new manager registers with them.

Mounting Material as an FTP Manager

  1. Open up an ftp connection to and log on with your FTP username and password; this will take you straight to the appropriate directory.
  2. You can then upload files, delete files, rename files and create subdirectories in this directory.
  3. You have no rights, except the usual anonymous read rights, to any other directory.