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Your university calendar is provided by Google. Google Calendar can be accessed both on and off campus by staff and students. It can be added to mobile devices to be accessed on the go to organise your days. Your Google Calendar can also remind you of upcoming events and let you share your schedule with your colleagues.

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How do I access Google Calendar?

Staff and Students can access their Google Applications by logging into MUSE with their university credentials and accessing My Services then selecting Google Calendar, from here you can access all Google Applications by clicking on the 9 dotted square in the top right hand of the screen as pictured below.

MUSE Login
Please note: Your Google menu may look different to the screenshots below, you can rearrange your Google menu by dragging and dropping the applications if needed. Please also be aware that not all of the applications on this Google menu are available to all users.

Google Apps

Help & Support

For further help and support with using Google Calendar you can access the Google Suite of help and support materials by clicking on the link below.

If your problem cannot be resolved by searching the Google Suite help pages listed below please do use the contact details listed below to contact the IT Service Desk and they will direct your call to the appropriate team.

IT Help and Support

Google Suite Help and Support

Google Calendar Training Videos

Note on LinkedIn Learning training videos: if you have not gone though MUSE to access LinkedIn Learning, you can sign in using the button in the top right, however once you have done so, use the link "Sign in with your organization account" to access training under the University's training licence.

Managing Resources

Managing Resources

If you are managing a resource it should appear in the "My calendars" section on the left of the Google Calendar.

There are two ways to manage your resource:

Allow people to book the resource if it is free, first come first served. You have the power to over-rule the first booking.
Allow people to request but not book the resource. You have to authorise each booking.

Allowing People to Book

By default, Google Calendar will let people book a resource if it is free. If people add an available resource to a meeting and they will receive an automatic confirmation of their resource booking. If the resource is already booked it will not be displayed in the list of available resources.

Google Calendar will automatically decline any further attempted bookings of a resource that is already reserved, but as the resource manager you have the ability to decline the first booking and accept the second if you believe it more appropriate.

The person who originally booked the resource will be automatically informed of their rejection by email.

Allowing People to Request but not Book

As an alternative you can let multiple people add the same resource to meetings without any consideration of availability. In this situation nobody will receive confirmation of their booking.

To manage bookings you will need to manually accept or decline each resource request. All people who requested the resource will receive automatic emails informing them whether they've been successful.

If you prefer to work in this way you will need to change your settings as follows:

  1. Click the drop down arrow just to the right of resource name in the "My calendar" section and select "Calendar Settings"
  2. In the section "Auto-accept invitations" select "Automatically add all invitations to this calendar"
  3. Next, click on the "Notifications" link in the top left of the window
  4. From here you can select how you want to be notified about events on this calendar, it is suggested that you tick the top four email notification boxes.

Requesting a new Resource

If you would like to create and manage a new resource for your department you can request this via the link below.

Requesting a new Resource