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Google Workplace Mail

Your university mail is provided by Google. Google Mail can be accessed both on and off campus by staff and students. It can be added to mobile devices to be accessed on the go. You can easily organise your inbox into folders and labels and you can set filters to automatically sort your incoming mail.

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How do I access Google Mail?

Staff and Students can access their Google Applications by logging into MUSE with their university credentials and accessing My Services then selecting Google Mail, from here you can access all Google Applications by clicking on the 9 dotted square in the top right hand of the screen as pictured below.

MUSE Login

Please note: Your Google menu may look different to the screenshots below, you can rearrange your Google menu by dragging and dropping the applications if needed. Please also be aware that not all of the applications on this Google menu are available to all users.

Google Apps

Help & Support

For further help with using Google Mail you can access training videos and guidance on the Google Suite Learning Center.

Google Mail Training Videos

Google Suite Help and Support

If you still can't find the answers you need from these resources, please contact the IT Service Desk and they will direct your enquiry to the appropriate team.

Contact IT Service Desk 

Mailing Lists

User Managed Lists

Google groups is used for lists that many people can use. Its predecessor, myLists is no longer available
and any active lists have been moved to Google Groups. If you are wishing to create a new listit should be created in Google Groups.

Google Groups

University Lists - Compulsory

Compulsory lists are reserved for important information and for information targeted at specific communities.

Staff List

Student List

Targeted Lists

University Lists - Optional

You can opt out of the announce and volunteers lists.

Staff Announce List

Student Announce List

Staff Volunteers List

Student Volunteers List

Generic Accounts & Mailboxes

Generic Email Accounts & Mailboxes

A generic email account gives you a unique email address and mailbox. Available to staff only, it is generally used as a contact method for a specific service or group. The owner will be issued a username and password for the account and is the only person authorised to request a password reset. This is used to share the workload between a group of individuals who are given delegate access to the mailbox.

Request a Generic Email Address

Please Note: this is for a generic email address and inbox, this is not a Google Group. If you wish to start a Google Group please use the link under the heading 'Google Groups'.

Delegating Mailboxes

If you need to use a shared inbox for your department, or just have someone keep an eye on your work emails whilst you’re away, Inbox Delegation in your University GMail is a great way to do it. Using Inbox Delegation you can grant up to 25 people access to your personal or shared inbox without ever having to give out your password. Delegates will not be able to change any passwords or account settings or access any other Google Apps. Any messages sent by a delegate will also say: Your Name: Sent by ‘Delegates Name’.

Delegate access can also be quickly and easily removed from accounts when it’s no longer needed.

Add Delegates to your Generic Mailbox

Google Groups

Alternatively, a Google Group may be more suitable to your needs. This allows a group of people to share documents and collaborate as well as having group email functionality. Full information can be found on the link below.

Request a Google Group

Please Note: this is for a Google Group. If you wish to have a generic email address and mail inbox that is accessible by a group of people please use the above link under 'Generic Email Accounts & Mailboxes'.