How to Choose a New PC

Using the University Desktop/YoYo services

  • If you will be using the University Desktop or YoYo services, please see the system requirements:
        System requirements

Recommended models and specifications

IT Services have worked with some contracted suppliers to develop standard specifications for purchase. These should satisfy most computer users needs.

For purchases from Dell you can directly purchase via the Integrated Punch Out in myPurcahase. Details are on the procurement webpages.

For other suppliers you don't need to contact the supplier for a quotation you can just send a purchase order quoting the reference number, description and price.

Desktop PCs

All-in-one PCs


Accessories (monitors & docking stations etc.)

If you are purchasing a large quantity of (over £25,000 worth) you should discuss the purchase with IT Services and procurement to ensure you are compliant with the financial regulations. 

Personally Managed Computer

  • You must use a contracted supplier
  • For general computing chose Intel Core i5 processors. For higher performance consider the Intel Core i7 range. For maximum performance computers choose the Intel Xeon processor.
  • Choose at least 4GB of memory. If you specify more memory you need a 64-bit operating system.
  • Hard disk drive size should be at least 500GB.
  • PCs should have a DVD drive. DVD writers are normal which allows you to write to DVDs as well.
  • It is not normally necessary to specify any expansion cards as all recommended models have all the functionality needed for general purpose computing.
  • Integrated graphics provide a good standard of performance. If you are doing tasks that are graphics intensive you might want to consider a separate graphics card.
  • You need to ensure that the computer has enough USB ports for any peripheral device you have. This is not normally an issue.
  • Unless you are buying an all-in-one PC you will probably want to purchase a monitor. Most PCs allow you to use multiple monitors on them. Widescreen monitors between 22” and 24” are normal. It is worth checking if the monitors have speakers integrated if you want the ability to play sound.
  • Systems should be energy star certified for energy efficiency.
  • All contracted suppliers provide 3 years on-site warranty. Extended warranties to 4 or 5 years are normally available.