It is always important to have a backup of any important work. Ideally this backup will be somewhere that is physically and logically unconnected to the master copy. This will ensure that in the event of hardware failure, software failure, accidental damage or malicious attack the backed up copy remains available.

The University has measures in place to protect files stored on Google Drive and on Central University Storage from hardware failure and malicious harm. However it is important that you monitor your files closely where there are multiple collaborators, as there is only limited protection against accidental deletion or overwriting.

For more information about University Storage visit our University Storage web pages here.

For more information about Google Drive visit our Google Drive web pages here.

External Devices

It is possible to back up data on devices such as USB Sticks & external hard drives.

Although useful for carrying information from A to B, these devices are not always reliable and are easily lost or stolen. We recommend that these are always encrypted and that you do not use them to store important or sensitive data.

For information about encryption visit our encryption web pages here.

For our mobile media policy please visit our advice on personal information on portable computers