Ransomware Readiness Toolkit

Ransomware infects computers and makes files unreadable. A number of UK universities have experienced significant loss of data and disruption to critical business activities.

We believe that we will continue to see attacks against University systems, accounts and data. New attacks are being seen almost daily and have the potential to spread rapidly through large computer networks such as ours.

To help protect the university from ransomware we have created a toolkit to help staff maintain safe working practices by: 

  • Ensuring that staff can keep their own computer up-to-date and secure.
  • Ensuring that important files are stored on centrally provided storage solutions and not on individual computers or external drives.
  • Ensuring that all staff have the skills and awareness needed to keep safe, including taking the mandatory online information security training.

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If you suspect you have been been affected by an attack, then you must immediately power off any computer and contact the IT Service Desk.