Software Updates

If you have trouble downloading or installing updates on any of your devices, contact the IT Service Desk.

Download and install updates as soon as they appear

Don't delay installing software and app updates on your computer, phone or tablet. Install updates as soon as they are available to keep your devices secure.

How to update Microsoft Windows

Check that your computer is set to download and install updates automatically. If automatic updates is turned on, restart your computer to ensure that updates are properly installed. 

Update your Windows PC

How to update Apple Macs

Your Apple computer will usually prompt you when a software update is available. Make sure you install these updates as soon as they are available.

You can also check for updates in the App Store. In the App Store, click the ‘Updates’ icon at the top of the screen and it will display updates if there are any available.

How to update your Android device

To check your device has the most recent update installed, go to ‘Settings’, scroll to the bottom and select ‘About’. Choose ‘Software updates’ from the menu and your device will check for available updates.

App updates should download and install automatically, but you may also be asked to authorise updates. You can also manually check for updates and install them directly from the Google Play Store.

How to update your iPhone or iPad

You should be notified when a software update is available for your Apple device. Install the update immediately. You can also manually check for software updates by going to 'Settings' > 'General' > 'Software Update'.

To install app updates, go to ‘Updates’ in the App Store and press ‘Update All’ to get the latest version of each app.

You can also change your settings so that apps update automatically, as soon as a new version is available. In ‘Settings’ go to ‘iTunes and App Store’ and then press the switch next to ’Updates’. If you want the updates to only download when you have access to wifi, the leave the ‘Use Mobile Data’ option unselected.