Spaces for learning and teaching

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Computer rooms

We have loads of computer rooms and libraries across campus for student-led study. With over 1400 computers all running Windows 10, as well as loads of printers, scanners and photocopiers.

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Teaching spaces

We design and equip a diverse range of teaching spaces with a wide variety of technology to facilitate different teaching styles and opportunities. We have staff available to support all rooms.

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In-room technology

Our teaching rooms are full of great technology to help you teach. We've got projectors, sympodiums, SmartBoards and recording equipment all available and ready. And, we'll happily train you on anything you're not sure how to use.

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Requestable technology

We also have plenty more technology that you can borrow for teaching sessions. With instant response capture kits, HD video cameras, visualisers and even VHS players. All you have to do is pick your tech and book it.

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Video conferencing

Our main video conferencing suite is set up with high quality equipment and includes screen sharing capabilities and a document camera. For those of you with simpler needs, we have support several popular desktop video conferencing tools.

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To make most efficient use of the University estate we support the timetabling of all teaching events into all spaces, optimising for class size and geographical considerations. We work closely with departmental timetablers to ensure local needs are met.

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Room bookings

For non-timetabled teaching events and meetings we provide individual room booking services to all staff and students to locate and book available rooms and spaces.

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