First print your work from your software or browser as usual, then go to any printer and release your printout.


  • Click print and ensure select the UOS-mono print queue is selected unless you genuinely need colour. 
  • in some situations you may need to provide your username


After printing your document will stay in the queue for 36 hours before it is purged. At any time before this 36 hours you can release it as follows:

  1. You can go to any printer to print A4 but to print A3 you will need to release on an A3 printer.
  2. Swipe your UCard through the card reader
  3. Press the Print button on the touchscreen display
  4. A list of your print jobs will be displayed
  5. Press the Print all button to print all your jobs or alternatively select individual jobs to print or delete.
  6. When you have finished press the physical Logout button on the button panel

You can print letterheads, envelopes and other non-standard sizes using the manual feed tray.