MSP Privacy Statement

The University has introduced a managed printing solution which is provided under contract by Sharp Business Systems UK PLC. (“Sharp”)

Support for all staff printing is therefore provided by Sharp and not by University staff.

As with all technical support staff, in exceptional cases there may be times when Sharp staff are obliged to have access to confidential data, for example when there is a problem with a print job in the queue or they are asked to clear a paper jam.

All on-site Sharp staff have signed a confidentiality agreement and there are confidentiality clauses in the contract between the University and Sharp.

Additionally the Data Protection act applies to all personal data, whether in paper or electronic form. In this respect the University is the Data Controller and Sharp the Data Processor. The Data Processor has an obligation to protect the data controller’s data.

Sheffield University staff have a responsibility to ensure that confidential data is protected. For example, if you give someone else your uCard they can release your print jobs so you must not do this.