Batch Crediting Printing Accounts

Printing accounts can be batch credited. This is useful for departments who wish to give credit to all students on a particular module or in a particular year.

Two things are needed for batch crediting:

  • a list of accounts to be credited
  • an Internal Trade order

List of accounts to be credited

An electronic list of usernames is required.

Student usernames can be obtained from the CIES system using the data extract facility, where there is comprehensive help available.

The list should be sent as either a Word document or Excel spreadsheet with each username on a new line eg:


Internal Trade Order (ITO)

  • An ITO should be raised to IT Services, vendor (9022) to include

               Quantity - number of accounts to be credited 

               Amount - amount each account is to be credited

  • Note: Each account must be credited with the same amount.

Send the list of accounts (including the ITO number) to

Additional enquiries should also be sent to this address.

Please note:

  • Accounts will not be credited until the ITO is received by IT Services
  • Credit can be used for printing or photocopying
  • Credit is not refundable nor transferable