How to Print


You can print from any University Desktop computer or from your own computer and collect your printout from any accessible printer. You have up to 3 days to collect your prints before they are deleted from the print queues.


We have two print queues and you can collect your prints at any HP device:

  • University_BW
  • University_Colour

Most of the time you'll use black and white A4, but you can also print in colour and on A3 paper*.  Choose the print queue you need from the print dialogue box.

*Many devices have both A4 and A3 paper, but some devices offer A4 printing only.

HP Print Box

You can print letterheads, envelopes, card and other non-standard sizes using the manual feed tray (side tray).

Printing advice

Collecting prints

To collect your prints you swipe your UCard in the card reader attached to the printer (or sign in using your username and password) and use the touch screen to select which files to print.

You can also view your Jobs Pending Release from within your printing account

HP Device Logon Screen

Printer locations

Once you have printed you have three days (72 hours) to collect your prints from any accessible printer, after which time they are automatically deleted.

Printer locations

Student print costs

Your print balance is held on your Printing Account and costs are deducted every time you collect your prints. Black and white costs 5p per A4 sheet, colour is 25p. Costs are doubled for A3. We don't charge extra for duplex so it's more cost effective to print on both sides.

If you click the Delete button, selected documents will be removed without being printed or charged for.

Adding print credit

We give you £2 credit to start with but you can add money to your printing account. The minimum top up amount is 20p.

Print from your own computer, phone or tablet

You can also print from your own computer, you just need to set things up first.

Printing from your own computer