You can copy single or double sided, black & white or colour, and A4 or A3 paper sizes*.

It costs less to copy in black & white, and also to copy double sided (rather than single sided).

*Most devices have both A4 and A3 paper, but some devices offer A4 paper only.

Standard Photocopying

  1. First remove any staples and place your document face up in the feeder (or face down on the glass plate).
  2. Swipe your UCard to sign in.
  3. Select the main Copy button on the touchscreen display.
  4. By default, photocopies will be single sided and black and white.
  5. If required, select any copying options such as reduce/enlarge, 2-sided copy, or multiple copies.
  6. Press the Copy button to start.

Use Quick Copy

You can also use the Copy button at the bottom right corner of the touchscreen.

  1. Place your document face up in the feeder.
  2. With one touch of the Copy button, it will instantly photocopy your page(s) using the default settings (single sided and black and white).

When you have finished Sign Out.

You can use your own paper/card.

It's best to use the side paper tray if you are using your own paper.

On the printer touch screen menu (Copy - Options - Paper Selection) change the Paper Source to Tray 1, and select the Paper Type that best matches your own paper type/weight.