Printing Account Refund Request

At the end of a course, it's possible to get for a refund of unused print credit.

To request a refund from your Managed Print Service account, please provide the following information by emailing

  • *Original Payment Reference(s):
  • *Original Payment Value(s):
  • Full Name:
  • User Name:
  • Original Payer's Name (if different):
  • Current Printing Account balance is:
  • **Refund due is:

Please note:
* If more than one payment was made, then multiple payment references and their values will be required (in order to cover the refund amount).

Once the above information has been received, it will be checked, authorised and sent to the Income Office for an electronic refund to be made onto the debit/credit card or PayPal account the original payment was made from.

**Refund Rules
1. User's are only allowed to get a refund of the monies in the User purse (i.e. not the Departmental purse)
2. Refunds will only be given when the student's account is due to expire or within three months of account expiry date