Student printing service


You can print from any University computer or from your own computer and collect your printout from any compatible printer. You have up to 3 days to collect your prints before they are deleted from the print queues.


We have two print queues (Student-black-and-white and Student-colour) and you can collect your prints at any Student printer (MFD). Most of the time you'll use black and white A4, but all devices can also print on A3 paper, and in colour. Choose the print queue you need from the print dialogue box.

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How to print single sided

Printer locations

Once you have printed you have two days to collect your printout from any Student printer. You can find the locations of all our printers below

Printer locations

Collecting prints

To collect your prints you need to swipe your UCard in the card reader attached to your chosen printer, and use the touch screen to select which files to print.

dialogue box

Print costs

Printing costs money. Your print balance is held on your UCard and costs are deducted every time you print. Black and white costs 5p per A4 sheet, colour is 25p. Costs are doubled for A3. We don't charge extra for duplex so it's more cost effective to print on both sides.

Adding print credit

We give you £2 credit to start with but you may need to add money to your online printing account. To do this, go to myPrinting Account in MUSE and choose the Online Top-up link. The minimum top up amount is 20p.

From your own computer, phone or tablet

You can print to our printers from your own computer, you just need to set things up first. Instructions are linked below.

Printing from your own computer

It's also possible to print to uni printers from your smartphone or tablet by attaching your file to an e-mail, and sending it to the print queue.