Scanning on a print/copy/scan device

You can use the MFD to scan your original and then send you the electronic version, typically a PDF by email. The maximum file size you can send is 25Mb. There is no charge for scanning. You can also send your file to a usb stick.

The fast and easy way to scan to email

  1. Place your document either facedown on the glass place, or in the top feeder
  2. Choose 'scan to email' from the home screen
  3. To scan your document as a pdf - searchable (which will allow you to copy/paste text) to your University email account, choose 'standard scanning'. Then just press the scan button.
  4. If you wish to scan as an image (jpg etc.), or send to a different email address, then choose 'Advanced Scanning' or 'External-Non UoS Account'

It is also possible to scan and create OCR Office documents (.docx etc). This is done using a different menu.


  1. Place your paper document face down on the glass plate
  2. From the Home Menu screen, press the 'sharp 0SA' button twice
  3. Choose 'email'


  1. Your scan will be sent as a PDF by default, but if you wish to you can change it to .docx, .xlsx, .pptx, .RTF, JPEG or TIFF via the File Format menu.
  2. If you need to, change the Resolution and Colour Mode. Files that are of a higher resolution and colour will be larger in size. The maximum size for e-mail attachments is 25Mb.
  3. To enter a subject, tap Subject, then tap Direct Entry and type your chosen subject. Tap OK to confirm.
  4. To enter a file name, tap File Name, then tap Direct Entry and type your chosen subject. Tap OK to confirm.

Email address

  1. Next you need to enter your email address: tap Global Address Search, then tap in the search window
  2. Enter your username and tap the Search button
  3. Your email address will be displayed.
  4. Check that it is correct, select it, then tap OK.


  1. Press the START/COPY button to start your scan
  2. To scan a second sheet, place it on the glass plate and press the Start button again. Each sheet will be scanned and added to the same file.


  1. When you have scanned all your sheets tap the Read End button. Your scan will then be sent to your email address.
  2. Remember to Logout when you’ve finished.