Laptop, chart and notepad.

Identity and Access Management (IdAM)

Project summary 

The project has procured a commercial off-the-shelf IdAM software solution (Micro Focus) along with professional services (PwC) to assist the project team to deliver a replacement for the 'As-Is' capability of the existing CRISP service, which currently provides the automated provisioning of Student, Staff and Externals accounts within the University.

Project Manager:

Chris Attwell  

Project Sponsor:

Nathan Cunningham

Delivery Date:

Phase 1 expected 2020

Why are we doing the project? 

  • To address areas highlighted by Internal Audit, primarily:
  • Risk associated with ageing technology
  • Reliance on individual staff resource
  • A lack of effective IdAM governance
  • To assist the University in complying with the requirements of GDPR
  • To mitigate Cyber risks
  • To address Student Lifecycle Project interdependencies and deadlines
  • To improve the user experience of our digital services and how these services are accessed

How will the project benefit the University? 

  • Improved information security
  • Improved data quality
  • Improved IdAM governance
  • Improved user experience and efficiency of IdAM processes
  • Support collaboration with businesses, partners and other external agencies
  • Support compliance with ISO27001, PCI DSS, GDPR and cyber risk
  • Remove the reliance on a single system administrator
  • Remove the reliance on end-of-life technology
  • Remove the dependency upon the legacy student information system
  • Support the greater use and increased adoption of digital technologies