Agenda: Innovations in Data Analytics & High Performance Computing

09:00 Refreshments

09:30 Opening and Welcome - Koen Lamberts President and Vice-Chancellor

09:40 Keynote – Reproducible Research: An intro to The Turing Way and Binder - Sarah Gibson, The Alan Turing Institute

10:20 Talk - TBA

10:45 Break & refreshments

11:05 Talk - Mapping the movement of King Edward 1st - Charles West, Dept of History, The University of Sheffield

11:30 Talk - Accelerating the modelling of tumour growth using GPUs: lessons learned - Rob Chisholm, RSE, The University of Sheffield

11:55 Walkthrough/live demo - Infrastructure (and configuration) as code - Bob Turner, RSE/Insigneo, The University of Sheffield

12:20 Lightning talks - all topics

12:40 Lunch

13:40 Talk - The N8 Centre for Computationally-Intensive Research and the N8 NICE19 GPU-equipped supercomputer - Alan Real, Advanced Research Computing, Durham University

14:05 Talk - Urban Flows Observatory: challenges to keep the data moving - Patricio Ortiz, RSE, The University of Sheffield

14:30 Talk - The challenges of training and deploying machine learning algorithms inside a hospital - Jonathan Taylor, Principal Clinical Scientist, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS

14:55 Talk - Patient-specific finite element analysis on femur loading during normal gait cycle accounting for multiple muscle forces - Xinshan Li, Insigneo, The University of Sheffield

15:20 Lightning talks - all topics

15:40 Closing comments

PRIZES : For 1st and 2nd place for lightning talks - either judged by panel or voted for by audience.