Accessing your files from off campus

UniDrive web access

UniDrive is available in MUSE, and gives you access to your personal filestore and your department's shared drive. You can download your files, work on them and then upload them again once you have finished.


Access using VPN

You can access your university files directly by setting up access to our on-campus filestore. You will need a VPN connection and then to set up a connection to your filestore.

Virtual private network (VPN)

Information on linking to storage:

Personal storage on a Mac
Personal storage on Windows

Google Drive

You can access Google Drive from anywhere via MUSE without the need to connect to a VPN*.

Either work on your files using Google Docs, or use Google Drive Desktop to access your files directly.

*If you are in a country which doesn't allow access to Google Apps, you may need to connect to our VPN first.

Google Drive

Information Security while travelling

Advice on travelling with sensitive information and protecting your device.

Information Security while travelling