Remote Desktop Service

This service allows you to securely access software applications available on the university managed desktop from your own device. You can log on to these computers in the same way you would if you were physically in front of the computer on campus.

This service is for students who have to begin or continue their studies remotely. More information on studying remotely can be found on the University of Sheffield's learning and teaching page.

Before you connect: The Remote Desktop Service is protected by multi-factor authentication (MFA). If haven't yet enrolled in MFA, you must do so before using the service for the first time. 

Access for Student Computing

Students can access University managed computers remotely from the FindaPC service - available 24/7 with no time limit on session length.

From FindaPC you can view a list of the available machines that can be accessed remotely.

View our guidance on using the FindaPC service (requires a University login to access).

I want to find a PC

Access for Online IT Teaching

Computers are grouped into virtual rooms to distinguish them from the open access physical computers. Each teaching session has a dedicated pool of machines for students to access, with a capacity that matches the number of people booked into that session. 

There's no time limit for the sessions, but you're asked to log off at the end of each session to help guarantee that there are enough machines for following sessions. If you want to carry on with your work after the scheduled session has ended we would ask that you use Student Computing.

Access to the Remote Desktop Service is through a link provided within the timetable booking in myTimetable/Online timetables. Here you can view a list of the available machines that can be accessed remotely. After clicking on a link, you'll be prompted to enter your university computer account details.

Online timetables

Getting help and support

If you experience any problems accessing the Remote Desktop Service, our IT Service Desk is available to provide further support from Monday-Friday between 8am-5pm.

Contact IT Service Desk