Research & Innovation IT


Improve your IT skills!

We offer numerous courses in many Programming languages, such as Python, Matlab, C/C++ and so on. We also provide practice focused session for using HPC / Linux systems and qualitative and quantitative data analysis. Our one-day sessions are an ideal choice from beginner to advanced staff or student who wish to improve their IT skills!


Research IT Infrastructure and HPC

We provide access to Infrastructure for research IT and assistance on using our HPC facilities. Computer clusters contain many hundreds of cores, many GPUs, large amounts of memory and storage which may be the key to taking your research to the next level.


Data Storage and Analysis

We offer training in qualitative and quantitative analysis using NVIVO, R, SPSS and NVivo.


Research Support

We have a team of experts who can work with you throughout the life-cycle of your research projects.

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We can arrange and provide a diverse portfolio of training courses and opportunities.

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Sheffield Advanced Research Computing

High Performance Computing facilities are freely available to all staff and research students.

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