Managing sharing and access rights

Sharing on your research storage is managed in groups. Each time you create a top level folder two sharing groups will be created for that folder, one for team members needing read only access, and another for team members needing to read and edit the contents of the folder. If you need to share documents with a new group of people, you will first need to create a new folder.

Add members to a group:

  1. Go to the MUSE All Services list and select Research Storage Management
  2. On the Storage Management page, select Manage access rights
  3. Locate the group you would like to add members to. Each folder will have two groups associated with it.
    • The group ending in read gives members read only access to the folder.
    • The group ending in modify allows members to read AND edit folder contents.
  4. Click on the name of the group to edit the membership
  5. On the group membership page you will see the current group members listed by username
  6. Click in the box at the end of the list of usernames, type the university username, email address or surname of the member you would like to add.  You will notice this begins to autocomplete as you type beyond 4 characters to help you find the person.  Please be careful to add the correct person/username.
  7. Repeat this for each member you want to add

NOTE: If you make any mistakes you can simply correct it or close the web browser

  1. Once you have added all the members you need, click Submit Changes
  2. It can take up to a minute after you have added your members for the membership to be fully updated.
  3. When your group members have been successfully added you will receive an email notification.