Create new shared and user folders

To share documents with your team members or to provide them with new individual spaces you will need to create a new folder.

To create a new folder

  1. Go to the MUSE All services list and select Research Storage Management
  2. From the storage management pages select Manage folders
  3. In your folders list browse to the location where you want to create a new folder
  4. Click Create folder to create a shared folder, or Create user folder to create a folder for an individual team member
  5. Enter your chosen folder name and press enter
    • for user folders the folder name must be the University username of the intended user
  6. Click Submit changes to create your new folder
  7. It can take a few minutes after you have submitted your changes for your folder to be created
  8. Once your folder has been successfully created you will receive an email notification.

To give people access to you new folder take a look at Managing sharing and access rights.