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Research Data Storage

Enterprise level storage to meet the strategic research data management aims of the University and funders.

Using research storage

Our guides can help you get the best out of your research storage.

Get started with your research storage


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The safety and security of all Research Storage in centrally managed by IT Services, ensuring that all your data is secure. All the security, patching and configuration is managed for you. 

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All our research data storage is stored in a way which means you can recover lost files and that it is resilient to potential hardware failures.

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Shared and personal space

Our research storage comes with a personal space where each team member can store their own documents and a shared, group space where you can save collaborative documents and shared data. You can also set up folders for sub-goups.

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Research storage is easily accessible both on and off campus. You can access your files and folders from computers and mobile devices when and where you need to. You can also access your data from Iceberg, the University's high performance computer.