Data Analysis

Data is everywhere.
You produce data when you carry out an experiment, analyse website visits, take a clinical measurement, ask people questions in a survey, conduct an interview, run a focus group, gather articles from magazines or take a photograph.
However data does not become informative until it is analysed. Computers have made the laborious task of involved in carrying out analysis easier. CICS provides a range of software to enable you to analyse the data.

Numerical Data

For data that is numeric or easily characterised into a few groups then there are statistical packages, such as SPSS, Minitab and SAS available on the managed service. DVDs with copies of the software SPSS and SAS can be purchased for running the software on your own machine under the Universities license. Minitab is on the managed service but CICS can not provide copies for students under the current licensing arrangements. Students are advised to rent a copy from:

Non-Numerical Data

If your data is stored as long passages of text such as articles in magazines, photographs, or video/audio recordings then IT Services have NVivo which will help you manage your analysis. This is available for installation on your own machine under the Universities license.

Specilist Users

There are also other software for more specialist users. Please see the folowing link for a list.

Consultancy Service

For Staff and Research Postgraduate student who are using any of the above packages, we have a consultancy service aimed at helping them use them more effectively. These sessions are normally booked appointments for an hour and can be repeated. Bookable by emailing with therequest.
The service is only staffed by one member of staff so availability is limited and issued on a first come first served basis. In complex projects where significant work involved IT Services reserves the right to charge for this service.