Obtaining an account on Bessemer or ShARC

For Staff

All staff can have an account on Bessemer or ShARC by simply emailing  it-servicedesk@sheffield.ac.uk.

For Students

The following categories of students can have an account on iceberg or ShARC with the permission of their supervisors:

  • Research Postgraduates
  • Taught Postgraduates - project work
  • Undergraduates 3rd & 4th year  - project work

 All students must ask their academic supervisor to request an account by emailing  it-servicedesk@sheffield.ac.uk on their behalf.

You must not share your account credentials or allow others to run jobs using your account. Any misuse of accounts will be investigated in accordance with the University of Sheffield’s IT Code of Practice.

Setting your password 

Once you have obtained your iceberg or ShARC username, you need to initialize your password to be the same as your normal password by following the Manage passwords link on the "See also" box. 

Security of Your Data on the HPC Service

The High Performance Computing service should not be used to store or process sensitive information for example personal information, financial data, commercially sensitive or any other form of restricted data without first discussing your requirements with the Research IT Team - research-it@sheffield.ac.uk

The security of your data is important to us and we make every effort to ensure that our HPC systems are as secure as possible within the constraints of running a high performance shared service. Building in additional security controls has to be balanced against the performance and financial costs of the HPC service.

Although we have strived to ensure that a robust baseline of security is in place suitable for the HPC community we are aware that regulatory bodies and our research partners are asking for increasingly stringent security controls that the HPC may not have in place.

Extra care should always be taken when dealing with sensitive information; if you are in any doubt about the sensitivity of information, or how it should be handled, then please contact the IT Service Desk for advice - Help and Support