Terminal Access and File Transfer Methods

Terminal Access

Transferring files to/from Bessemer & ShARC

All these terminal access and file transfer methods will also work when working away from the campus.  I.e. you do not normally need a vpn connection to access iceberg.  However, telnet and other similar non-secure methods of access will not work. Note that a VPN connection is required to access ShARC.

Specialist High Speed Visualization Access to  ShARC

As our network access speeds may not be sufficient to handle some of the graphics intensive applications, we have set up a a few dedicated GPU-enhanced iceberg and ShARC nodes that can be used for faster remote visualizations. 

As these resources are limited, usage is by special application only as described in the remote-visualization document.

NOTE: user access to the GPU visualisation nodes is no longer restricted.

Please refer to the HPC pages on Hardware accelerated graphics rendering for more information.