Accessing iceberg or ShARC from an Apple Workstation

Terminal Access

Unix Style "X11-terminal" access

  1. Open a Console Window
  2. In that window type ssh -X
    or   ssh -X 
  3. Login with your password


  • Most AppleMACs use to come with X11 support already installed. However since the "Mountain Lion" edition X11 support is no longer provided by default. If that is the case you will need to download and install XQuartz before being able to log into iceberg with graphics capabilities.
  • If -X parameter in step(2) above does not work try -Y instead. 

Terminal access via the browser

  Terminal access via the browser method is possible by using the Safari 'default-browser'.

Currently terminal access to iceberg via the Chrome browser does not work on OS X platforms due to the fact that Chrome on Apple platforms is a 32-bit application which clashes with the 64bit java engine. 

Transfering Files

To transfer files between your Mac and iceberg you can use the command line program scp .

Alternatively one of a number of free-to-use SFTP programs such as Cyberduck, Fetch and Filezilla can be used. These programs are available for downloading from our campus support site 

Note: While using a file transfer program if a choice is offered you must select sftp and port number 22 .