Access HPC Systems via WEB Browser

In order to access iceberg, ShARC and Bessemer you must set up a VPN connection first. 

The web browser method of access to iceberg, ShARC and Bessemer is provided by the Secure Global Desktop Client.

This method works well for most browsers on all the common computing platforms (Linux, Windows, Mac), however we recommend Internet Explorer or Firefox.

To login to iceberg, ShARC or Bessemer click the following link:

Connect via myAPPs Portal

Logging in for the first time:

When you login for the first time, select Client Options on the myApps Portal page (bottom right).

Select Install the Client for the top option To use the installed Oracle Secure Global Desktop Client.

This will take you to the client download/install page.

Download and install the client for your system (Windows, Mac, or Linux).

Enter your username and password on the myApps Portal login page

Once you have managed to login, you will see a window with Applications on the Left Hand Panel.

  • there are icons for iceberg Applications, ShARC Applications & Bessemer Applications respectively.
  • for each of these you can select a HPC interactive job or a HPC terminal (where HPC is iceberg, ShARC & Bessemer).
  • the interactive job is equivalent to a qsh/qrshx session on a worker node
  • the terminal is equivalent to a login node session from which you can use qsh/qrshx, qrsh, qsh-vis