Transferring files to/from ShARC/Bessemer from Linux Workstations   

On any linux platform any one of the following utilities can be used to transfer files between iceberg and any Unix/Linux workstation:

scp example:

User me1xyz wishes to transfer files between his/her  /data area on ShARC/Bessemer and his/her Linux workstation using scp.

To transfer an entire directory 'mylocaldir' and its contents from his workstation to ShARC/Bessemer -

scp  -r  mylocaldirectory

To copy a file 'mylocalfile' to their /home directory on ShARC/Bessemer -

scp  mylocalfile

rsync example:

This command has many parameters that can allow very sophisticated ways of transferring files to remote hosts.
For example, the following command will keep a copy of a local directory named Pictures  onto ShARC/Bessemer.

rsync -rltogD Pictures

The first time you use this command, it will create the directory Pictures on ShARC/Bessemer and copy everything into it. 
The subsequent uses of the same command will only copy the files that were altered/added since the last time.