Non-browser access to iceberg from Managed Windows 

The recommended method of access from Managed Windows workstations is  via the web browser method
 If you are having problems with the browser method try the following alternatives.  

OpenText Exceed Method  ( has Graphics Capabilities ) 

If exceed is not on the programs menu , install it via the Install-Applications icon.
Select  Exceed -> Xstart  and in the resulting window, fill in the details as shown below
with  specified as host

exceed login

Putty  SSH Client ( Line-mode Terminal only   ) 

If putty does not appear on under programs, install the via the install applications icon.
Select  putty -> putty and in  the resulting window either double-click on iceberg on the saved session panel or single-click on it and click Open.

putty image

Default Putty terminal colour scheme has black background.
If a more conventional white-background is needed, you will need to select Window > Colours and check the Use System Colours box.

Putty , Xming combinations. (Terminal with Graphics Capabilities)  

A program called XMING can be uses in combination with Putty to provide Windowing capabilities to putty.
To be able to access iceberg in this manner you need to;

  • Make sure XMING is installed and start running it via XMING -> XMING
  • Make sure the the X11 forwarding feature of putty is turned on.
    To check, expand SSH and check that  X11 check enable x11 forwarding box is ticked.
  • Log in as normal. 

Transfering Files

Any one of the file transfer programs WinSCP, CoreFTP-Lite or Filezilla can be used to transfer files between iceberg and the Managed Windows workstations.

When using WinSCP make sure that hostname is and the port is set to 22.
Make sure that is entered as the hostname, enter your iceberg username & password and CLICK LOGIN to connect. Here is a snap of the WinSCP window. 

WinSCP image