Accessing iceberg or ShARC from Windows workstations

The recommended method of accessing iceberg or ShARC from any Windows PC is via MobaXterm.

MobaXterm (Provides full graphical capability "X11")

As well as full graphical capability MobaXterm also provides secure file-transfer features via drag and drop actions to/from the remote worker ( i.e. iceberg or ShARC ).  A local Linux shell on your windows workstation is also part of MobaXterm if you prefer to work in that environment.

MobaXterm is free to use and can be downloaded via this link.


Exceed (Provides full graphical capability "X11")

University of Sheffield has site license for Exceed Software that provides XWindows access to remote Linux hosts from any Windows workstation.

You can download and install exceed on your computer or obtain an EXCEED DVD from the Main IT Centre.  

Accessing iceberg or ShARC Without Graphics Capabilities

If you do not intend to use programs on iceberg or ShARC that have graphical user interfaces then any ssh client will be perfectly adequate (and quicker).  We recommend the following two clients:

These two ssh clients can also be used in conjunction with an XWindows client application such as Exceed and Xming to provide XWindows capabilities when necessary.

Before you start using an ssh client, please read the guide-lines on how to use iceberg or ShARC without XWindows support.