Research Support

Programming and Software Development Consultants provide education, mentorship and support to all staff and students. Our consultations are private discussions which aim to resolve special issues, raised by individuals.

Project Support

We also have a team of experts who can work with you throughout the life-cycle of your research projects. We may be able to:

  • Help you plan for the IT requirements of your research
  • Help with your response to bid applications
  • Help with costing IT requirements in research bids
  • Help you design, develop and host software applications
  • Collaborate with you as a member of your research group

To book a support session with any of our team, please use Appointlet where available, or email

  • Mike Griffiths: High Performance Computing, Computational Science, Data Analysis. Programming languages: C/C++, Matlab, FORTRAN, Python, Linux, Cuda.
  • Jean Russell: Discursive Ethnography, Statistics, Nvivo, Statistical Packages. Programming languages: SPSS, R. 
  • Norbert Gyenge: High Performance Computing, Data Science, Computational Science. Programming languages: Python, C/C++, Linux, R, Cuda.
  • Des Ryan: High Performance Computing, Engineering Packages, machine/deep learning. Programming languages: C/C++, Matlab, R, Linux.
  • Joe Heffer: Data Engineering. Programming languages: Linux, Python, SQL.
  • Gemma Ives: Data Science, Data Visualisation. Programming languages: Matlab.
  • James Moore: High Performance Computing, Linux, ANSYS, Abaqus, Python, Bash, Data Analysis.

If you would like us to help in any part of your project please email

Getting Help

General contact e-mail address for research IT related issues is Forum can be used for posting questions to the HPC community as well as searching for answers.