The NAG Library at Sheffield University

Sheffield University owns site licenses for all implementations of the NAG Numerical Algorithms Library for Fortran, C/C++, Python and JAVA languages. NAG is probably the most comprehensive Numerical Algorithms Library in the world covering a vast range of topics.  Our site license cover the Linux, Windows and Mac platforms. 



NAG library is organized into chapters. Each chapter contains a set of routines for solving a given class of problems such as Matrix Manipulation, Optimization. Examples are provided for the use of each routine.
The full documentation of the currently supported versions of the NAG Library on iceberg are available via the NAG Manuals link on the Right Hand Side of this page .

These documents can also be accessed or downloaded directly from NAG web site

NAG Library on your own workstation

When selecting a version of the NAG library for your workstation you will need to consider

  1. The Compiler Language you are using ( i.e. FORTRAN, C,C++, Python,...)
  2. The Compiler Vendor ( Intel, PGI,  ... ) 
  3. The hardware and operating system ( Windows, MAC , Linux,... ) 

All versions of the NAG library can be downloaded via

License Keys 

Having downloaded the required implementation of the NAG library. You will next need the license keys for that implementation to allow you to make use of it. 

License keys can be obtained by simply emailing and specifying the implementation of the library you are intending to use.