Research Support

Project Support

We also have a team of experts who can work with you throughout the life-cycle of your research projects. We may be able to:

  • Help you plan for the IT requirements of your research
  • Help with your response to bid applications
  • Help with costing IT requirements in research bids
  • Help you design, develop and host software applications
  • Collaborate with you as a member of your research group

To book a support session with any of our team, please use Appointlet where available, or email

  • Mike Griffiths: High Performance Computing, Computational Science, Data Analysis. Programming languages: C/C++, Matlab, FORTRAN, Python, Linux, Cuda.
  • Jean Russell: Discursive Ethnography, Statistics, Nvivo, Statistical Packages. Programming languages: SPSS, R. 
  • Norbert Gyenge: High Performance Computing, Data Science, Computational Science. Programming languages: Python, C/C++, Linux, R, Cuda.
  • Des Ryan: High Performance Computing, Engineering Packages, machine/deep learning. Programming languages: C/C++, Matlab, R, Linux.
  • Joe Heffer: Data Engineering. Programming languages: Linux, Python, SQL.
  • Gemma Ives: Data Science, Data Visualisation. Programming languages: Matlab.
  • James Moore: High Performance Computing, Linux, ANSYS, Abaqus, Python, Bash, Data Analysis.

If you would like us to help in any part of your project please email

Getting Help

General contact e-mail address for research IT related issues is Forum can be used for posting questions to the HPC community as well as searching for answers.