Supporting your Data

The effective collection, management and analysis of data are crucial to modern research and no matter what size your data are or what faculty you are affiliated with, Research IT can offer support and advice for you or team.

We have a range of expertise and can help you with specific programming, software or infrastructure related questions. We support common research tools including, but not limited to Python, R, SPSS, NVIVO and Matlab.

We can also assist your team with both research design and analytics for both qualitative and quantitative research. This can be in the form of database management, including cleaning and sorting your data in preparation for analysis or sharing. Or we can advise on the appropriate statistical methods for your analysis and support you with their implementation.

Our team can also specialises in data visualisation. Visualising your data effectively is vital in today’s research environment, not only can it make you findings clear and readable, but it can also increase engagement with your work. Data visualisation is a fast paced environment and the number of software and techniques available can often be overwhelming. Feel free to take a look at our DataViz hub to learn, share and engage with the community here at The University of Sheffield.

Finally, our team provides support in the design, development and hosting of analytics applications such as interactive dashboards to provide accessible insights from your research and increase public engagement. We can collaborate with you as a member of your research group to provide analytics expertise to overcome the practical challenges of systematic data collection, validation and analysis.

So whether you have reached a blocker in your research, or you require a long term collaboration, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us at:

To request/book a consultation session please check the help/support page