Doctoral Development Program Modules available

All the DDP modules are instructor-lead with a mix of taught sessions and hands-on exercises.

All these modules are repeated once a year according to published timetables. Applications can be made via this link.

Introduction to HPC Computing (CIC6001)

This module enables students to make effective use of the high performance computing services provided locally on iceberg and regionally on N8 facilities.

Application Programming using FORTRAN(CIC6005)

This module gives an in-depth study of the FORTRAN programming language as well as introducing guidelines for effective software development practice. Use of the NAG library is also covered.

Application Programming using C/C++(CIC6006)

This module provides an introduction to the C programming language and enables users to develop applications using that language. The course also considers advanced issues in C programming such as file handling, memory management, data structures and using scientific libraries.

Application Programming using MATLAB(CIC6007)

This provides a good grounding in programming and visualisation aspects of MATLAB software, enabling students to write applications with strong visual context.

Introduction to Programming using Python(CIC6010)

This course provides a general introduction to the basic concepts of the Python programming language and is ideal for people starting to learn programming.