First Steps with NVivo (CIC402a)


For users to be able to create an NVivo document, introduce their sources to NVivo and start annotating and coding their sources.


A tutor led course for new users.


Familiarity with Windows operating system.

Course length

2 hours


Nvivo is a piece of software that enables users to conduct qualitative analysis on not just text files but pictures, audio and video recordings, and data from various internet sources. Around a central storage system are a huge variety of tools that can help a researcher carry out an analysis. However central to working with the system is the ability to get your data into NVivo, to be able to make notes associated with it and to be able to code. This will include working with pictures, video and audio.

Course dates

Check published timetables .


Three times a year.

How to Book

Follow the REGISTRATION link on the RHS. Search for the course name. If no sessions are scheduled place your name on the Express Interest list and you will be contacted when new sessions are added.