Simple Graphs and Statistics with SPSS (CIC403)


For users to be able to explore their data graphically, carry out simple descriptive analyses and bi-variate analyses.


To be familiar with the SPSS environment and to be able to get data into SPSS (This is covered in Getting Data into SPSS).

Course length

2.5 hours


SPSS is a statistical package that is widely used in research for the analysis of quantitative data. If you need something more than Excel, and there are good reasons why if you are doing a statistical analysis for your research you do, then SPSS is reasonable starting point. It has a menu interface and has access to a range of statistical techniques from the very simple to the complex. Having got your data into SPSS this takes you through the early stages of exploring your data, from drawing graphs e.g. bar chart, histogram, obtaining descriptive statistics e.g. means, standard deviations, medians and bivariate analyses e.g. Chi-squared, T-Test and Mann Whitney. This is an instructor led course, with a mix of taught sessions and hands on exercises.

Course dates

Check published timetables .


Every Semester

How to Book

Follow the appropriate REGISTRATION link on the RHS.  Search for the course name. If no sessions are scheduled place your name on the Express Interest list and you will be contacted when new sessions are added.