Register for Iceberg

Staff can request an account for the Research Computing Service by emailing the Ucards and Registration team.

Note that students must ask their academic supervisor to request an account on their behalf.

The following categories of student are eligible:

  • Research postgraduates
  • Taught postgraduates – for project work
  • Undergraduates 3rd or 4th year – for project work

email :

Register for White Rose Grid

  1. Download and fill in White Rose Grid Registration form.

Form Download

  1. Pass completed forms to your local member of the White Rose Grid Executive

email :

  1. You are given a username by your local registration desk.

Your usernames looks like wrsabc where:

  • ‘wr’ stands for White Rose,
  • the third letter is ‘s’ for Sheffield, ‘l’ for Leeds or ‘y’ for York.

To run secure shells between WRG sites you will need to get an e-Science certificate (see link).