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Staff throughout the University of Sheffield have access to book and use the Creative Media Facilities and Equipment to create multi-media projects for their work and
extra-curricula activities.

The Creative Media resources
available do have terms & conditions for the booking, as well as specific time frames for the bookings, so please read the information on these web pages and familiarise yourself with all of the information prior to booking any equipment.


There are a range of help guides and resources available to you on these webpages to assist you with using the booking system, creating a booking, checking the availability of resources and cancel a booking if needed.

If you have any further questions or if you would like a resource to be
created for the booking system that is not found on these web pages please click the link below and email the IT Service Desk and will work to help you and create the resources if needed.

Email Service Desk

Staff Information

Resource Bookings

As a staff member at the University of Sheffield you have access to the Creative Media facilities as well as the Creative Media equipment. This enables you to be able to create multi-media resources for your working as well as personal projects you may have. This service is open Monday-Friday 10am-3:30pm during term time and has limited availability during down times at the University such as Christmas and summer break.

Creative Media Facilities

The facilities the Creative Media service offer to staff and students are a variety of media booths to edit videos, photos and audio recordings, a podcasting studio to create multi-media resources, a TV studio and also high spec PC labs that are all situated on level 4 of The Diamond.

These can be booked up to 6 weeks in advance for up to 4 hours at a time.

Please note: The TV studio requires an induction and is only bookable when staff are available to show you how to use the equipment and get the most out of the resource. These inductions are limited and are a first come first served system.

Creative Media Equipment

The equipment that is bookable from the Creative Media service ranges from audio recorders, to microphones, GoPro cameras and DSLR Digital cameras. You can book up to 5 Creative Media pieces of equipment in a single booking but only one of those items can be a camera.

This service can be booked up to 6 weeks in advance and you can have the equipment for up to 4 days.

Please note: the equipment that is booked out of the Creative Media service by you is your responsibility. If any damage, loss or breakages occur whilst you have the equipment on loan you are responsible for the repair or replacement costs.

Help and Support

Staff Resources

The support team for the Resource Bookings system have created a range of help guides for staff on how to use the system, how to remove any bookings and what they can book. These can all be found below, if there any guides that are not found below that you would like to be created please contact: and we would be happy to create them for you.


Staff FAQs

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions we get as a team from staff members throughout the university. If the answer to your query is not in the list below please email and we will be happy to help.

What is Connect2?

Connect2 is the resource bookings solution adopted by the University of Sheffield for staff and students. This system allows staff and students to book out a range of multimedia equipment and learning resources to aid their learning journey and work.

What can I book out?

As a staff member you have access to the Creative Media Equipment and the Creative Media Facilities.

Creative Media Equipment

The Creative Media service is there for staff and students to borrow equipment and use the media booths to create multimedia resources for their work and learning. The equipment you can borrow from the service varies from a range of camera equipment and camera accessories, filming equipment, audio recorders and lighting equipment.

Creative Media Facilities

Alongside the media equipment you can borrow from the Creative Media team there are also a range of media booths and high spec PCs available to be booked for staff and students to use to edit videos, create podcasts & create films. These can be booked like the equipment, however, they can only be booked for 4 hour slots at a time.

Booking out equipment

How long can I borrow equipment for?

Creative Media Equipment

You can borrow up to 5 items of Creative Media equipment within one booking. They can be borrowed for up to 4 days and can be booked 6 weeks in advance. Within those 5 items only 1 item can be a camera.

Creative Media Facilities

The Creative Media booths and high spec PCs based in The Diamond can be booked up to 6 weeks in advance and can be booked for 4 hour time slots at a time. The TV Studio and Podcasting Studio need at least 24 hours notice of a booking to ensure we have a staff member from the Creative Media team to show you around the equipment to ensure you get the most from your time in them. The high spec PCs and smaller media booths can be booked on the day of the booking and be used straightaway.

Where do I collect and return the equipment?

Creative Media equipment is borrowed and returned to the Creative Media desk on the fourth floor of The Diamond building. Creative Media equipment is not lent out or returned at any other location.

Can I cancel my equipment?

Yes, you can cancel your booking on the system up until it is an 'active' booking which is when the time slot of your booking has started. Up until that point you can cancel your booking.

Cancelling my booking:

Where do students access help and support?

Student access help and support via the student webpages which have a range of help guides and support as well as face-to-face support with our colleagues in the Library and from Creative Media to help with loaning and using the equipment for their studies and extra-curricula activities.

If they need any further Library Skills support they can contact the Library service at:

If they need any further Creative Media support they can contact the Creative Media team at:

Where do staff access help and support?

The Creative Media team located on level 4 of The Diamond building can be booked for one-to-one help and support if needed for booking Creative Media facilities and equipment.

Please email for further information.

Can I edit my booking?

Yes, once you have created your booking in the Resource Bookings system you can edit that booking and adjust it if needed up until it is an active booking, which means the booking time has started. There is a help guide below that will walk you through editing your booking.

Editing your booking:

What can the equipment be used for?

The Creative Media equipment and facilities can be used by staff for work related resources they need to create such as promotional videos, video case studies and many other multi-media resources.

They can also be used for activities that are not work related if needed, the same booking parameters and terms and conditions apply.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

If you are booking equipment or group rooms from the resource bookings system you will have to agree to the terms and conditions prior to your booking being added to the system. Each resource on the resource bookings system has a set of terms and conditions that students must read and understand prior to booking any rooms or equipment.

If any loss or damage of the equipment or rooms you have booked out occurs during your booking period you will be responsible for this.

Creative Media Facilities Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Creative Media Equipment Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Equipment Bookings