A software suite for finite element analysis and computer-aided engineering, offering powerful and complete solutions for both routine and sophisticated engineering problems, with a vast spectrum of industrial applications.  It comprises 5 core software applications:

Application Purpose
Abaqus/CAE Interactive GUI for analysis pre-and post-processing
To model and analyse mechanical components and assemblies
To visualize the finite element result
Abaqus/Standard General purpose finite-element analyser ideal for static and low-speed dynamic events
Abaqus/Explicit Special-purpose finite-element analyser to solve highly nonlinear systems, by simulating brief transient dynamic events (crash analysis etc.)
Abaqus/CFD An advanced computational fluid dynamics software application to solve a broad range of fluid-thermal and fluid-structural problems
Abaqus/Electromagnetic A computational electromagnetics software application to solve advanced computational electromagnetic problems

Every complete finite-element analysis consists of 3 separate stages:

  • Modelling (pre-processing)
  • Finite Element Analysis (processing)
  • Visualization (post-processing)


  • Departments
  • Staff on PCs connected to the University network (excluding NHS, Honorary & retired staff)
  • PhD students on personal PCs connected to the University network
  • NOT for use on undergraduate personal PCs (See Student edition below)
  • NOT for use outside UK


Version Platforms
2018 Windows 10, 8.1
Linux: Redhat Servers 7.3, 6.9; SUSE 12, 11
2017 Windows 10, 8.1
Linux: Redhat Servers 7.2, 6.8, 6.5: SUSE 12, 11
6.14-2 Windows 8.1, 8, 7+SP1

Getting Software & Documentation

Abaqus is freely available for use on Sharc and on Bessemer.

A Student edition (for Windows only) can also be downloaded free.

Staff and PhD students may obtain the above versions of Abaqus with installation instructions for use on their own stand-alone Linux or Windows workstations via the IT Services Software Download service.

Queries on: Direct to:
Abaqus IT Service Desk (it-servicedesk@sheffield.ac.uk or 0114 22 21111)
Running Abaqus on HPC Research IT team (research-it@sheffield.ac.uk)