Due to the Covid pandemic, OriginPro provided a free temporary OriginPro license for use on a registered Origin user's Windows computer.  However temporary licenses expired on June 20th, 2020.

Those who took advantage of this free offer, and still need use of OriginPro must follow the steps below to obtain a full University personal license:

  1. Click the link at the bottom of this page.
  2. Request OriginPro.
  3. Obtain and read the 'full details' document (see url near the bottom of the email you receive). Option C applies.
  4. The section at the bottom details how to obtain a new license key.
  5. If the key fails to activate your existing software package, you may need to download and install the software again by following steps relating to Option C from the top of the document.

Your University email address must be used to request a license.


Advanced data analysis and graphing package, widely used in the physical sciences and engineering.


  • Departments
  • Staff on personal PCs (excluding NHS, Honorary & retired staff)
  • Students on personal PCs


OriginPro is for Windows only. There is no Mac version.

Getting Software

OriginPro is available for use on the Managed Desktop and YoYo services.

See our Software Download service for use on standalone and personal computers.